Microsoldering is the key

YourMac.Repair offers board level repair for all Apple® computers. Most of our customers have no choice when they come to fix their broken device.  They have taken it to the Apple Store and Apple wants from $600 in return for a refurbished board.  Why pay so much? We have a really high score in boards recovering for an attractive price... Take a chance on us!

How To Start The Process?


    A detailed explanation of the computer's behaviour is so important as when you visit a doctor and explain how you feel; after this we'll think about the correct "remedy" to be applied. Don't forget to mention any accident as liquid spill or crashes.


    In a big range of repairs, the problem is linked to a problem outside the motherboard. Bad memory stick, display cables, plugs and jacks are one of the biggest causes of electronic short circuit; When we have all the parts here, the checkup is more extended and accurate.


    Our team will do the best to recover your computer as soon as possible. You'll have a ticket number and our system will inform you step by step, with pictures, what is happening. In a few days, you'll have your computer ready to pickup or shipped back to you.

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